Why You Should Do a Yes Day With Your Kids

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All the parents have been talking about it. Have you heard? It’s YES DAY!

Daniel and Zeke went on a trip to visit grandma and grandpa recently, and so us girls seized the opportunity to have a full blown girls weekend. And a part of those plans included going all out with a Yes Day. It was one of the BEST days I have had with my daughters EVER. And so I thought I’d share why I think you should do a yes day with your kids too!

What is a Yes Day?

It’s kind of exactly how it sounds. A Yes Day is a day where you MUST SAY YES to anything your kiddos ask you for. And we can’t talk about what it is without talking about the Yes Day Netflix movie starring Jennifer Garner. 

This is how this whole thing started for us. We had a movie night the weekend it was released on Netflix. The movie starts out with the go-lucky parents who say “YES” to adventure…but as they have kids, they realize that they have to say “NO” a lot. So they hear about the concept of a Yes Day, decide to go for it, and the movie goes on from there.

After seeing the movie, we knew that our girls would want to participate. And when we suggested it for our girls’ weekend…they were counting down the days!

Yes Day Rules

So it’s important for the kids to realize that although we do say “no” to many things…some of those things are for their safety. Definitely make sure to establish Yes Day rules.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Rules regarding safety. My daughter wanted to climb a really tall wall because she saw a teenager doing it. Sorry kiddo…not exactly safe for an 8 year old. So just let them know that if you say “no” it is only because you care about their safety. Let them take risks if they must…but sometimes we are just needing to protect them.
  • Money Budget. Depending on your situation, put a budget on the day. Let them know that you are all about adventuring and doing fun activities, but they have a money limit. We were able to fit in some eating out, desserts, trampoline park, and mini-golf. Surprisingly, because it was just the 3 of us, that didn’t cost too much! We definitely plan on having a “$0 budget” Yes Day in the future so that the kids get creative with their requests!
  • Mileage Limits. Make sure to let them know that you can’t spend all day driving hours to a specific destination! Create a 20-30 mile radius limit to acceptable destinations.
  • Screen Time Limits: This is completely up to you as a parent. Decide if screen time is going to be a part of Yes Day. For us, the girls didn’t even THINK about screen time as an option. But we did say no screen time because the point of Yes Day is to have fun as a family.

mom and two girls be silly on yes day

Why You Should Do a Yes Day!

Now for the fun part. Why you should do a Yes Day with your kiddos ASAP!

I knew it would be a fun day and assumed there wouldn’t be complaining or whining, so I was looking forward to just having a good time with my girls. But I didn’t expect to learn the things that I did throughout the day. I wanted to share them with you because this day isn’t just about your kids…it really is a learning experience for us as parents! So here are what I found were the benefits of having a Yes Day.

You Will Find Yourself Saying Yes to the Little Things

It’s funny how inclined I am to say “no” to the little things. Sometimes it’s because I find it annoying, or maybe it’s because it’s an inconvenience to me. But on Yes Day, I realized just how often that urge to say “no” came up for the things that don’t really matter.

One of our “activities” that the girls really wanted was to go shopping at Target. So they had a $20 budget each. When we walked in to grab a cart, they saw that the HUGE cart with extra seats attached to it was available. Kailah really wanted it. Haha. I wanted to say “no.” Haha. I didn’t want to push that annoying GINORMOUS cart around Target! 

Obviously, my answer was an enthusiastic “SURE!” And as we were walking around the store, Kailah had so much fun hanging out in that huge cart, and I thought to myself…”I can’t believe I would have said no to this.” Just a tiny inconvenience for me…and SO MUCH JOY for her. That “yes” really mattered to her in the smallest way.

two girls sitting in target shopping cart


You Will Realize How Much Your Kids Value Your Participation


I was surprised how much they asked me to participate knowing that I couldn’t say “no.” After morning donuts, we went to the park across the street. This might be a situation where I sit and sip my coffee to watch them rather than play. But they insisted I play The Floor Is Lava with them along with various other games. 

They also continued to make sure I would be jumping with them at the trampoline park and were thankful that their little brother wasn’t there because I would have to watch him instead of play with them. 

So much of Yes day was togetherness. And a little piece of my heart broke when I realized that they didn’t just want my presence…they wanted my playfulness too.


You Will Have Uninterrupted Quality Time With Your Kids…and That’s Invaluable for YOU and for THEM


To piggyback off of participating with them, Yes Day provides a space that gives your kids a FULL DAY of undivided and uninterrupted quality time with them. They soaked it up…and so did I. Knowing that I didn’t have to work, I didn’t have to clean, I didn’t have to do any day-to-day adulting was just as much a benefit for them as it was for me. 

We need more of these days in our lives.


You Will Find That Having Only the Option of Saying “Yes” is Such a Relief!

Oh man…can we talk about decision overload?! We are adulting…every.single.day. It’s not easy. We are constantly having to make yes or no decisions. It was AMAZING and so freeing to not have to make decisions. To just say YES to anything and everything. Can we have frozen yogurt…YES! Can I put an obscene amount of gummies and candy on my frozen yogurt…YES! 

It really was a nice break for this mama and an unexpected benefit from our day.

little girl eating her frozen yogurt with gummie worms


You Will Relish in the Joy of Your Children…and You’ll Feel Like a Kid Yourself

We all know that seeing our kids happy makes us happy. But I think from the day to day, we forgot to sit back and really enjoy it. The girls said multiple times…”this is the best day ever!”  It wasn’t a big vacation. It wasn’t a day at Disneyland. It was just an ordinary day. But, I agree with them…it really was the best day! 

And not to mention, I jumped on trampolines, I played mini golf, ate pizza and frozen yogurt, played The Floor is Lava, sat on the swings at the park…I mean…I felt like a kid…and it was awesome.

Ideas For Yes Day

You’ve heard a little bit about our day. But I wanted to throw together some fun Yes Day ideas for you and your family! Here are some things we want to do for future Yes Days!

  • Go for a hike
  • Have a picnic in a park
  • Have a fun movie night with popcorn, candy, and other special treats!
  • Camp in the backyard
  • Have a family dance party
  • Have a game night
  • Go to the water park
  • Let the kids dress you up for the day
  • Have a water balloon fight in the backyard
  • Go get frozen yogurt or ice cream and let them put on ALL THE TOPPINGS
  • Bake some goodies 
  • Go to an arcade
  • Donuts for breakfast…always a good idea 😉

There are so many fun ideas out there! The point is to have fun and make it a day full of all the yeses. 

two girls eating donuts with big smiles on yes day

What It Comes Down To

Time is just such a strange thing. And as a family, we are doing our best to make an effort to prioritize connection with our children as often as we can. This Yes Day was almost like a “connection reset” for us. It brought to light some of the things that I, as a parent/mom, was doing that was withdrawing from both my emotional bank and my kids’ emotional banks.  

A Yes Day will serve as a way to fill up everyone’s cup, to feel refreshed, to have extended time as a family, and to soak up every minute of our little ones…because we all know that what they say is true…they grow up in a blink.


  1. Brenna

    Yes! I get held hostage by the humdrum of parenting. I love taking the easier option “sure”! Can I go to Target with my friends?” “Can I go for a walk”, “sure!” I say. I wish they were just as quick to say “yes” to my requests🙂. Can you do your chores, take out the trash, put your dish in the dishwasher ect? It’s always met with a contestive response. Great idea sounds like your littles had such fun with mama!

    • The Ferguson Journal

      Yes! Totally. We are still working on the whining end of things. haha.

  2. Renee Shaeffer

    Absolutely love this. We did yes days with our boys recently but I’m definitely going to adjust a little bit based on your ideas. I’m thinking once a season?! These should be regular!

    • The Ferguson Journal

      We MUST do a Yes Day with the kids together! I was thinking once a season too!

  3. Nana

    That is why being Nana is so wonderful. They know most of the time the answer is yes. Hehe. I can be intentional, listen to everything they have to say, play, play, play. As a parent, you have to do life as a grandparent, they are your life, and I treasure every single minute…exhausting or not. Hehe. It’s the best blessing God could give a grandparent ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    I think this is a terrific idea!

  4. Kevin-Marie Davis

    Oh-M-Gee, I love this idea of a “yes” day… Even with my kiddos aged 11, 9 & 8.


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