Glamping AirBnb in Klamath Falls: The Honeylunar Luxury Camping

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Well didn’t we have the most pleasant surprise in Klamath Falls when we stumbled upon a glamping site adorably named The Honeylunar! While heading back home on our road trip to Lake Tahoe, we decided to take advantage of our first National Park visit using our daughter’s 4th-grade FREE access pass. Since it was last minute, I searched for an AirBnB in Klamath Falls knowing that it wasn’t too far from Crater Lake. The Honeylunar images caught my eye and I knew it would be the perfect stop for us.

We have had our eye on the glamping life, and The Honeylunar didn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for an AirBnb in Klamath Falls, I sure hope you come across this review, because you’re in for a treat.

Glamping AirBnb in Klamath Falls: Glamping Review Contents

  1. Glamping Hosts
  2. Location: Klamath Falls, OR
  3. Glamping Accommodations
  4. Glamping Amenities
  5. What makes this Glamping AirBnb in Klamath Falls so special

Glamping Hosts

Morgan was amazing. We came across their AirBnB listing by chance, but from the moment I booked it, the communication was top-notch. She sent a message right away letting us know how excited she was that we were staying with them.

She continued to support us along the way as we totally missed the (very clear) Honeylunar sign that led us up the gravel road to the glamping site. Her husband was actually in his truck at the bottom of the road to make sure we found it ok.

We had one question while at the tent setting up, and she was super quick to respond.

You can tell that hospitality is Morgan’s passion.

Location: Klamath Falls, OR (Perfect AirBNB near crater Lake)

Klamath Falls, OR is a cute town with lots of small businesses to support. What was great about the location of the glamp site was that it was just far enough away from the city lights to have a beautiful night sky.

Morgan set up a guide within the Airbnb listing that had some dining suggestions. Since we were heading out in the morning to make our way to Crater Lake, we opted for The Daily Bagel. It was a hit with the whole family.

Glamping Accommodations

What a COZY space! We LOVE the outdoors. But to be honest, we aren’t about that camping life. GLAMPING, however, is totally our vibe.

The beautiful star bell tent had the perfect sleeping accommodations for the 4 of us. We are normally a family of 5, but our little one wasn’t on this trip with us. 

There was a full-sized bed that was SO comfy and topped off with Beddy bedding. I always see Beddy’s on social media, and I have to say that it lived up to the hype.

There were two single cots with cot mats that were the perfect size for the girls. There were also a couple of sleeping bags under the bed as well that we didn’t need to use because we had our own blankets.

There were also 2 super comfy leather butterfly chairs. It was all so dreamy!

Glamping Amenities

Glamping is all about the extra comforts, right? Here are some of the amenities that The Honeylunar provided.

Inside the tent

As I mentioned, there was a bed, two portable cots, and 2 chairs. What made this a true glamping experience though was all of the extra comforts like a portable mini refrigerator that was solar-powered! We also had an air conditioning unit that was powered by a generator.

On the deck

The deck was just such a special space. There were two wooden rocking chairs, a portable propane fire pit, a small table, and citronella candles for the mosquitoes. And one of the extra perks on the deck as the amazing telescope! They even provided a YouTube link to a tutorial on how to use it. 

To make things comfier, they did have a couple of blankets inside the tent that we used while sitting on the deck after the kiddos were asleep.


The kitchen space was another glamping convenience. Equipped with the classic Coleman propane stove, cooking utensils, and eco-friendly plates & eating utensils, we had everything we needed to cook some hot dogs for dinner!

Not only that, but they made sure to give us the most important kitchen item… a french press! We had our own coffee, but they did have some ready for us. Our morning coffee was perfection.


If you’ve never taken a shower out in nature, you’re missing out. They had an outdoor shower as well as a toilet. Don’t worry, there were some privacy walls to help out with that. Here is the description from the listing about the toilet and shower:

“We have modeled our stay to be as bio and eco-friendly as we can. Enjoy the outdoors while still feeling clean and comfortable with our solar-heated shower and Bio-Toilet. This is a superior alternative to regular compost toilets. It frees you to live in a self-sustainable manner by turning your waste into cooking gas. Using an anaerobic system, it decomposes waste and transforms it into renewable biogas for cooking.”

What makes this Glamping AirBnb in Klamath Falls so special

If the glamping amenities weren’t enough, there were so many things that made this glamping AirBnb so special. 

A Personalized Touch

Not only was there great communication from beginning to end, Morgan left a “thank you” note for us as we arrived at the tent. I had mentioned to her that we were on a road trip and making a last-second stop to Crater Lake, and she wished us well in our road-tripping travels. It was the perfect personal touch that made us feel special walking into the welcoming space.

They knew we were coming with kids, so there were bags of popcorn waiting for us which the girls were very excited about. 😉

View of Mount Shasta

Did I mention the views?! We had beautiful views of the farm landscape and the perfect shot of Mount Shasta. In fact, the telescope was pointing right at it. Unfortunately, there was a bit of smog, so we didn’t have the clearest view. But on a clear day, I’m sure it WOWS.

A Glamping AirBnb Workspace

You can choose to stay unplugged, but if you needed to be connected for whatever reason, there is wifi hotspot that you can turn on. Not only that, but they provide you with a pillow cushion lap desk! I’m telling you, they thought of everything!


One of the first things the girls noticed was a fun USA card game on the bed. And upon exploring some more, we even found some yard games under the bed!

A Yogi Retreat

This space really thought of every type of person visiting. On the deck, there were some dumbbell weights, and there was even a yoga mat provided. Can you imagine doing some early morning yoga with these views and connecting so closely with nature? What a fun place for a solo or couple’s yoga retreat.

The Small Things

There were plenty of small things that made the stay special like the bamboo toothbrushes that were provided and the organic bug spray! I’m so thankful for that because mosquitoes LOVE ME! The “To the Moon” sign in the tent was a fun little touch, and the twinkle lights on the outside was total vibes.

sunset over a deck at a glamping Airbnb site

Final thoughts

We were honestly blown away with our first glamping AirBnb stay! We’ve admired all of these fun glamping sites that we’ve been seeing popping up all over social media, and we are so happy that this was our first experience. 

Not only was everything provided to make this a truly glamorous experience, but boy did Mother Nature show up for us! We had the most incredible sunset, a rainbow showed up for us, AND we even had a bald eagle sighting!! WHAT?! We were pretty mindblown. 
The Honeylunar, you have a special place, that’s for sure. Friends, make sure to check them out!

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  1. Morgan

    Wow, what a beautiful read. As a host, heading that all your planning and efforts to make your guest feel special actually is noticed is EVERYTHING!
    Seeing your families photos enjoying then sunset will be something we forever cherish.
    We have so many intentional memories with our little family and is makes us happy to be able to share them.

    Cheers to you Ferguson! Please come stay with us soon 🙂


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