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Welcome to our corner! This blog exists to inspire families like YOU to stay connected to each other through adventure, activities, resources, and hopefully some humor.

On these pages you’ll find everything from PNW life & eats, family adventures, all things kids & marriage, and some of our favorite things. Enjoy!

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The Five Love Languages in Marriage

The Five Love Languages in Marriage

When Daniel and I were first married, we attended some marriage classes at our church. This was almost 14 years ago, and it has stuck with us until this day. It was not a class solely on the Five Love Languages, but we went into it one of the days, and it was the most...

Fighting For Connection: Our Story

Fighting For Connection: Our Story

“We didn’t get married just to spend all week apart.” Reality check. When we first got married in 2008, this is how we felt. All sunshine and rainbows after the honeymoon, right? Well...yes and no. Because as in love as were (and still are), there were bills to pay....

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